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 “A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep” …  I am a hopeless optimist and romantic, a person who believes that, if your heart is in the right place, you can achieve absolutely anything.  A smile is a window to one’s soul, and that’s how I go about life, always bearing a warm smile on my face, because you should always smile, if only for others. 


I hope this translates into my creations.  As a modest dressmaker, I see a bit of myself in each and every one of my drawings, brought to life in beautiful linens, cottons, silks and crepe couture designs.  My inspiration becomes real with a twirl of a dress, a lively embroidery sown along blooming floral patterns or immaculate lace.


My world is a world more feminine, warm at heart, blissfully colorful, intensely charming.  Perhaps counter-current to today’s fashion trends and somewhat harsh reality, what I envision is the purity, beauty and simplicity of daydreams in the shape of a jumpsuit, a dress, a skirt, all made to dance into life as if it were a delightfully elegant garden party or royal ball.

Mademoiselle HHart