Azure Whispering Rose


In the realm of dreams, where magic weaves through every thread, there exists a gown beyond compare. Imagine a dress fashioned from the ethereal fabric of wrinkle chiffon, each fold whispering secrets of ancient forests and hidden glens. Adorned with delicate floral cotton embroidery, the gown blooms with the enchantment of a fairy’s touch. Its corset, a masterpiece of craftsmanship, is embellished with crochet buttons that gleam like captured stardust. Handmade roses grace the cups, their petals spun from moonlight and starshine. And in the depths of the ocean’s embrace, the gown finds its hue—a deep, mesmerizing blue that mirrors the mysteries of the midnight sea. But the true magic lies in its closure, for no ordinary fastening would suffice. Instead, silken strings entwine like spells woven by the hands of sorcery, ensuring a fit as perfect as destiny itself. In this dress, one becomes not merely a wearer, but a character in the most wondrous of tales, where fantasy and reality dance in harmonious splen

Fabric: Dress in wrinkle silk chiffon with cotton embroidery, crochet buttons

– Interior lining in premium silk

Made in U.A.E

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