“Nocturne Élégance”


Introducing “Nocturne Élégance” – a gown woven from the midnight whispers of French black lace, a symphony of darkness and allure. Its silhouette, elongated and regal, boasts a layered skirt that cascades like a waterfall of shadows, each layer a testament to the depths of mystery. A separate gold corset, adorned with a mesmerizing V-shaped array of crochet buttons, cinches the waist with a touch of celestial splendor. Off-shoulder sleeves, delicately draped, unveil the allure of the wearer’s collarbones, echoing the soft glow of moonlight upon the night sky. “Nocturne Élégance” beckons with the enchantment of a star-studded evening, where elegance and allure intertwine in a dance as timeless as the cosmos itself.

Fabric: French black and gold laces, black crochet buttons

– Interior lining in premium silk

Made in U.A.E

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