“Seraphina’s Whispering Sky”


In the realm of elegance, there exists a midi dress that captures the essence of celestial beauty. Its sleeveless design, like a canvas awaiting the painter’s touch, invites the gentle caress of the breeze. Adorning the bodice is a corset, intricately crafted with delicate cuts that sculpt a silhouette akin to a blooming rose. Each curve, a testament to the artistry of the dressmaker, whispers tales of grace and allure. The colors, a divine fusion of sky blue and conduit red, dance together in harmony, weaving a tapestry of opulence and sophistication. The sky blue, reminiscent of a clear summer day, imbues the dress with an ethereal quality, while the conduit red, like the blush of a rose at dawn, adds a touch of passion and grandeur. As the wearer steps into the spotlight, she embodies the epitome of regal elegance, a vision of beauty that captivates hearts and enchants souls. In this dress, she becomes a princess of unparalleled grace and charm, destined to reign over realms of splendor and admiration.

Fabric: Dress in metallic silk cotton brocade

– Interior lining in premium silk

Made in U.A.E

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