HHART is a UAE fashion “maison” with a passion for vintage baroque. Our bespoke designs value femininity and hand-tailored couture. 

                 HHART is home-grown fashion “maison” born out of a genuine passion for vintage baroque.  Made for women, by a woman, the UAE based brand showcases bespoke creations made for strong individuals who embrace their feminity and value the savoir-faire behind hand-tailored couture. 

               The HHART woman stands far from mainstream fashion trends, in an era where true romanticism reigns, in secret rose gardens and fields of peonies.  She wears the dress, it doesn’t wear her.  It twirls around her to reflect her inner beauty, her intelligence, her heart. Because kindness is the first quality of elegance. 

                  HHART celebrates a certain nostalgia of exacerbated femininity, from floral patterns to intricate Swiss lace, which the Designer drew herself, ruffles and delicate embroideries.  The silhouette is classic, with long dress and perfect collars, puff sleeves.  Whilst flattering to the figure, HHART dresses suggest the beauty of women, rather than exposing it bluntly.

                 In the landscape of today’s couture, HHART stands out by yearning to be classic, simple yet frivolous, discreet yet eye-catching, with a warm sweetness that the world is cruelly missing today.  Each dress is tailored to its future owner, using only the finest fabrics, from fresh linen and cotton, silk and crepe combinations.  In her quest for perfection, the Designer of HHART only selects the best before they can enter her enchanting Atelier based in Jumeirah, where her talented team of expert tailor work their magic. 

 HHART is a tribute to discerning women, who are not afraid to be feminine and celebrate their stunning individuality.